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Workers' Compensation ADR Program
Southern California

Labor Management Cooperation Committee

The PDCA / WWCCA / IUPAT LMCC Workers' Compensation ADR Program is overseen by the Southern California Painter and Decorators Labor Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC). The LMCC is comprised of a balanced board of union and management members, similar to the union health and welfare and pension plans.

Among other things, the LMCC approves the lists of doctors and other vendors which can provide services to injured IUPAT members. The LMCC hires the ombudsman, mediators, and arbitrators to assist in answering injured workers' questions and resolve disputes.

Office of the Ombudsman

Hopefully your workers’ compensation claim will go smoothly and you will be satisfied with the services you receive. However, if at any time you have an unresolved issue with the insurance claims adjuster, or if you do not feel comfortable with what is being done, or if you have a question about your ADR Program, simply contact the Office of the Ombudsman. The word "ombudsman" is Scandinavian in origin and generally means one who investigates complaints, reports findings, and helps to achieve fair settlements.

Medical Care

Your alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program is designed to deliver high quality medical care and other workers' compensation benefits much faster, providing access to an impartial expert for information on issues that pertain to resolving your workers' compensation claim.

The LMCC is very concerned that you obtain benefits for which you are entitled and that you receive the quality medical care which will assist in returning you to your employment at the earliest possible time.

Prior to sustaining an injury, you may pre-designate your own doctor to treat you in case of a work injury. If you become unhappy with the medical treatment you are receiving, contact your insurance claim adjuster directly or the Office of the Ombudsman because you may be able to change from one treating doctor to another under certain circumstances.

Need Help?

You may find helpful information by viewing answers to frequently asked questions. Also, you may contact the Office of the Ombudsman if you have any questions regarding your Workers' Compensation ADR Program, your medical services, or anything else related to your work injury claim.


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